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As the curator of this page, I am solely responsible for the choice of the poets here introduced, authors I evaluate as representative of our times, within my reduced possibilities of research, set by time_ chance_ and fate. I am thankful to the Pedagogical Institute, especially to Maria Cristina Petruzzino, for having offered me this possibility, and to Vanni, the webmaster, for his fast but intuitive lessons. I acknowledge all those who have chosen to send their poetic compositions, and feel as if it was my personal privilege to have met them, even if often only in cyber-land, with its Pindaric flights, inputs, expectations, deceptions; but most of all I agree with Pierre Lévy in his positive outlook on this infinite space which has brought to a higher level of common intellectuality thanks to its limitless access. Jorge Luis Borges' dream, the librarian in/of time, is almost real.
Anny Ballardini

Apollo and the Nine Muses by Gustave Moreau (1856)